Overclock Your Galaxy S4 With Ktoonsez Kernel

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    Developer "Ktoonsez" has developed a couple of custom kernels for those of you who need more speed and features on your Verizon Galaxy S4. The kernel enables all sorts of cool stuff, but the main thing that this kernel will allow is Overclocking. The Galaxy S4 already has a high powered chip, but now your device can zoom even faster! There are two versions of the kernel, one for flashing over AOSP roms, and one for flashing over touchwiz based roms. To install this kernel you must be running a rooted rom that matches the version of kernel you are flashing (ie aosp kernel for aosp rom ect.). This kernel has been optimized for ultimate performance. Other features include Voltage interface, CPU overclocking, CPU underclocking, ktweaker app for configuration, KTweaker Widget, Schedulers, and Governors. Grab this kernel from the link below.

    Via XDA
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