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    Good evening, this is my first post, so I'm not exactly sure as to the proper location to post this. Moderator, please move to your liking if it is better suited someplace else:)

    Yesterday I purchase my first smart phone (Droid X). Considering I'm a flip-top fan, this is going to take a lot of getting used to. I work as a paramedic and find myself to be quite destructive on phones.

    When I purchased the phone, I also came home with the Otterbox case which I was not entirely happy with from the start, but with the limited choices Verizon offered, thought it would do for now.

    In the past, I've always used the Ripoff brands for just about everything imaginable. I think the company has yet to select a case with the Droid X size, however they include the sizes for every pouch they have.

    I would like to continue to use the Otterbox shell (minus the belt clip holder) and find a Ripoff holster to fit the phone with the Otterbox in place. While it's a lil big, I do like the protection it offers, but I feel I need something to protect this screen more than it offers.

    Since this is my first post, I'm not sure if it will let me embedd links, so I'll post them below.

    Suggestions welcome,


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