Otterbox Defender with Extended Battery

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    I know there are threads about using this case with the extended battery by leaving the hard back plate off or by using a dremel to modify the back cover. I am using the hard back cover off method and find this to work very nice when compared to the Verizon Shell Holster Combo case. It actually sits nicer on a flat surface with this setup. My question to other long term users of the Defender with Extended battery is how does the rubber outer portion of the case hold up? Does it stretch out over time? It has a much more important role to play when compared to the standard battery, so I want to make sure it will hold up.

    I want to remove the Defender screen protector if I decide to keep this, so any input would be appreciated. If the Defender rubber does not hold up I am going to look at the extended TPU case with Seidio Active holster.

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