Original DROID Getting Official 2.2.1 Update Soon? Motorola Seeking Testers

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    Original DROID Getting Official 2.2.1 Update Soon? Motorola Seeking Testers

    Word just came in via Kellex from Droid-Life that Motorola is alerting their Motorola Feedback Network members about an incoming upgrade for the original Motorola Droid in order to get some pre-release feedback. Gingerbread, you say? Unlikely. It wasn’t too long ago that the upgrade to Android 2.2.1 – a very minor update – was leaked for the phone, and we’d put most of our money on this being the same thing. (And we say “most” of our money because if it does end up being Gingerbread, we’ll need to have cash for new underwear as we’ll have soiled our pants. It’s a win/lose situation, in that case.)
    Source:The Droid Ninjas

    My 2 cents:

    My fears are confirmed the Only way Droid 1 will ever see Gingerbread is for those of us who have rooted are phones as I am Thinking @ this point that Motorola is looking more toward the future of the newer phones as the droid 1 is 1 year old now so I am expecting That this is that last big OTA for the Droid 1. I am convinced that Motorola is just during this last OTA to official 2.2.1 I am currently running it it fixes some redraws but nothing that great so as I stated in the beginning of this the only way droid 1 users will ever see GingerBread will be if one of the dev's port is over for us.