Ordered a Nexus, right choice?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by budmonster, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Hi guys!

    I know their are probably a bunch of these threads already out, your probably tired of seeing them so bare with me please, I'm a noob.

    I was granted an "early" upgrade. I was on the phone with the rep and I had to pick a phone at that moment, I wasn't allowed to call back, long story.

    Anyways, it was between the Nexus, Rezound and Razr. My old phone was Droid X and X2, customization was horrible, I swore to myself I would never go back to Motorola because to this day there are only around 3 ROMs out for it, hell CM is still not complete for it. I've always like the UI on HTC phones, don't know why I think it's a great UI, looks wise. I've never had an HTC phone for a long period of time to determine how the UI runs long term. And with the Nexus, you can pretty much customize it how you see fit, from what I hear? I haven't had chance to go to the store to try any of these so I'm basing everything off what the rep told me. So it be nice to get the "real" advice from you guys.

    So I ordered the Nexus, I had the rep on the phone for an hour while I was Googleing information online. It was between the Nexus and Rezound. I don't know too much about these phones but at first I was leaning toward the Rezound because of the faster CPU, removable sdcard, the better camera, etc. But the Verizon rep who was an HTC user before recommended the Nexus, he said the phone feels like a different world, that UI is very sleek, clean and friendly.

    Did I get the right phone? I know I have 14 days to decide but I really for once want to get a phone and not have to return it. So what are the big noticeable differences between the Nexus and Rezound?

    Also, I was wondering about this:
    - The nexus has an unlocked bootloader unlike the Rezound?
    - Will the Nexus eventually have Sense roms out for it, I like the Sense UI and I want to get back into flashing a bunch of different ROMs. I haven't been able to do that sine the OG Droid b/c my Droid X is a POS!
    - How is the batter life, my DX couldn't make it through the night.
    - Whats up with the 4G speeds: Feel the need..the need for speed? Verizon Galaxy Nexus vs Droid RAZR vs HTC Rezound This is my first 4G phone, I want to get the most out of it.

    That's all I can think of now, I appreciate everyone's help and listening to me ramble on, I just want to pick the right phone.
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    Rest easy! you've got the right phone!! Nexus is the only other phone than the OGD on Verizon with an unlocked boot loader. Sense ROM!??? Not sure why you would want it but there are apps you can get that mimic sense or blur. Light to Moderate usage (in and out of service); I see the Battery dip as low as 43% after 9 hours or so. More than enough to get me through the day and if the phone is idle on battery power; no issue there at all. OK.... 5 days is not a long time for the phone to be out and there will be some optimization pushed as well as the signal software issues on the Nexus ( I personally don't see it... no problems). I came from the OGD as I am very,very happy with the Nexus.