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    I have a pretty decent idea of networking and computers in general. Lately I have been wanting to start a project with the end goal of my NAS hooked up seamlessly to my phone.

    I have a older desktop computer I will be using a linux distro as well as a linux NAS program (OpenFiler) on it
    1tb of storage, x2 250gb drives and one 500gb drive, as I am unsure of how exactly Linux NAS software works so I might be RAID 0'ing it for ease of use ( I want one drive shown, not 3 seperate HD's)
    I have my own domain name
    I will be using DynDNS
    My phone will constantly be switching from 3g to WiFi during my day
    Streaming is my top priority (95% mp3's and AVI's)
    I want this to seamlessly integrate with not only my moto droid but my other computers (my home desktop, my laptop, my computer at work and my computer at my sisters place).
    Security is a major issue, I don't want some leetsauce hacker able to delete anything on my NAS. However I also want the ability to add files to the NAS.
    Once I get this figured out I will be using slingbox as well.

    Any suggestions as to what I should be looking at? I found a program called "HomePipe" that looked like it had about 75% of what I wanted, except the streaming ability as well as "NAS centric" philosophy (The program just works from my desktop - phone only).

    I want the NAS drive to show up in a file explorer (ASTRO, however I am not commited to it) however I do NOT want it to be a part of the search function of my phone.

    Any ideas?

    EDITING: I am not commited to the above linux NAS program or Linux in general. If I need to use windows server to accomplish this it will be a non issue.