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    Huawei launched three new products on October 13th, they are Huawei Honor Play 4, Huawei Honor 6 Extreme Edition and also launched Huawei Honor Play Wristband.

    Huawei Honor Play Wristband is using imported low power consumption bluetooth chip, imported sensors, 0.8 mm ultra-thin optical coating lens, using aviation material standard process, the surface hardness can be more than 3H! It have caller id, health share, sleep love, movement assistant, bright screen and other cool features, and it also have IPX7 grade waterproof function.

    Unlike Huawei Honor Smart Bracelet Wristband, Huawei Honor Play Wristband cancel phone function, but it provide colorful design and LED display screen.

    This Wristband have the ultra-thin fuselage, colorful dot matrix display screen and trendy coldplay function.

    Huawei Honor Play Wristband have a 7.3 mm extreme thin, good integration dolphin body, screen the LED array with colorful fuselage look good. Huawei Honor Play Wristband another bright spot, is one of the industry's leading product 7 level waterproof technology and battery UV closed waterproof process, there is not problem for all-weather wear. As a reliable assistant, Huawei Honor Play Wristband will automatically record the daily activities steps, distance, calorie consumption. Not only that, Huawei Honor Play Wristband has turned bright screen, caller id, anti vibration to remind and remote camera, which greatly increase the playability. At the same time, Huawei Honor Play Wristband support movement data Cloud storage, adaptation model, Android4.3 / IOS7.0 platform all users above can be used to perfect.





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