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    Online Radio Free app allows listening to stations with or without the headphones, which makes it possible to listen to radio in any situation!


    Available features:
    - Listening without headphones
    - Set timer and sleep timer so that radio station turns off itself
    - Save or share app on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
    - The widget of the app will appear in the notification so that you could control radio streaming even when the app is turned off
    - Use widget option to set your favorite radio station as a shortcut on your home screen.
    - Set favorites to create a list of favorite music channels for quick access
    - Choose ‘more’ button to research other apps
    - Set a radio alarm clock
    **NB. For this app to work, internet connection is required. In case there is no internet connection and you have set alarm, you will be woken up by the default alarm from your mobile phone.

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