OnePlus One Smartphone: top-level configuration and outstanding performance !

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    For China Smartphone, it is rapid development in 2014. The most valuable is that besides fierce competition in the low-end market, in the high-end smartphone market, the manufacturers greater progress this year also unexpectedly. There have ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo this old manufacturers, there also have XIAOMI, vivo, OPPO, Gionee such new triumphed, in addition, OnePlus, iuni such new brand also appeared in the market. In this new brand, OnePlus One Smartphone is worth expecting, so what is the difference?

    Top configuration + outstanding touch feeling


    April 23th, after more than three months of waiting, OnePlus mobile phone first public appearance. Oneplus mobile phone on the configuration and designs have showed a lot of unique side. On the hardware configuration, OnePlus One Smartphone is equipped with 3GB memory, and it is also built-in the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, it realize the double 4G support, which provides users the expected value. Compared to similar products Samsung, HTC, OnePlus One Smartphone price is only USD388.99 At SpeMall, which is cheaper 60%, this smartphone "high configuration and low price" advantage to get incisively and vividly. In addition, in the aspect of multimedia configuration, it is also strong, rear 13.0 megapixel + 5.0 megapixel double camera design combined with double color flash, there is top mobile phone standard.

    In raising cost performance, at the same time, OnePlus also did not go through the motions in the design and production process. It is equipped with a 5.5 inches full HD screen, it also adopted a special suspension design, which is higher 0.5 mm than the fuselage frame, this appearance design can not only lead to better recognition degree, it also to a certain extent reduce the damage rate of the screen. In the back of the fuselage, OnePlus One Smartphone adopted special BabySkin white paint and three layers of spraying process, touch feeling is exceptionally smooth, and it not will be infected with a fingerprint, in addition to white, OnePlus One Smartphone provides grinding sand rock texture of black, it will also provide bamboo, wood, denim and kay fulla customize the back cover of a variety of materials to let users to reveal personal style in the future. Not only that, in order to pursuit of perfection, this waist line section of the fuselage has carried on the special processing, one hand grip is outstanding.

    Strong performance + open system


    Benefit from the top of the hardware configuration, the performance of OnePlus One Smartphone is quite strong, application interface switching is fast. I try to play the "Asphalt 8" and "Riptide racing 2" game, it did not encounter any caton, the image detail is quite real.

    On the software system, it is equipped with color OS 1.2 version, based on Android4.2.2 development, it not only to the mainstream android applications with good compatibility, it is also built-in rich theme of the store, the app store and other functions, but its draw out layout of the application is some complicated to operate. In addition to have color OS, the international well-known third-party Android organization CyanogenMod will offer 11 CM system available, so that users can enjoy more pure and fast system using experience. Not only that, this phone will provide greater openness in the aspect of system support.

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