OnePlus 3 Wallaper Downloads

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jun 20, 2016.

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    OnePlus has become surprisingly popular in just the few years they have been around. I would say that in my town I am the only person who knows or cares about the brand, but I would more than likely be wrong. OnePlus decided to host several "PopUp events" for the release of their new flagship phone the OnePlus 3. Turnout for these events at various cities across the world were pretty crazy. Several events had lines wrapping around city blocks.

    The OnePlus 3 is actually one heck of a little phone. It includes a metal uni body build, high end Snapdragon 820 cpu, 6GB of ram, a decent camera, and a fast fingerprint scanner. The device is easily rootable and is supported by many Rom developers for custom roms and mods. This is the whole package and is quite a great deal at only $399. The only major bummer when it comes to this device for me is the lack of CDMA support in the USA. I am on Verizon which means this phone is of no use to me in my day to day routine. If I ended up purchasing one it would be for the fun of it.

    That being said I was pretty excited to see that the wallpapers were made available for download by the designer himself. There are 15 wallpapers to choose from. There are both HD and 4k versions. They wallpapers are great for use on cell phones and desktop computers. Head to the link to grab them.