One touchDroid Backup free?

Discussion in 'Android Applications' started by enduser2941, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Hey DF!
    I know this has been discussed before however I dont
    recall anyone posting an app that does what I'm asking and for free.

    Does anyone have a reccomendation for a free backup app that can backup my Galaxy Note, including all apps, all configs/settings, all emails, txt msgs, and photos & docs all with the something as easy as one touch and does not require root? I had see a post where someone had mentioned using Samsung kies but in looking at it further it seemed to require root after all. I am hoping someone could point me in the direction of an app that doesnt take phd to setup and use. I would actually prefer if it could do so via wifi but that is not a game changer. Ideally no root and simple setup and interface are a must.

    Thanks guys!