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    Don't you hate it when you plan something only to leave out one key element. So Sunday mornings I like to walk to clear my head and just have a mental reset. I choose to do that on the walking track of my gym. It's not as much as for the physical workout but mental. It's why I intentionally chose indoor in the AC. Not looking to sweat just looking to prep for the week.

    Well I thought of an idea to plug in a mic and just talk about what was on mind. So phone in hand, wired mic routed through my clothing, I'm all set. Get upstairs on the track, hit the record, and notice the levels jumping.

    I didn't account for the music that plays on the gym speakers. I come to this gym 5-6 times a week and it always plays the gold's gym music station. I normally have my bt earbuds in so I normally ignore it. But it is like the gym equipment, you know it's there. So I had to scrap it because of copyright concerns. I have another way I plan on doing this.

    What was an idea you had where you had everything laid out and just forgot the obvious?

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