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    Hello, recently acquired a galaxy S3, US Cellular, utilizing the email function I have three email accounts, the standard gmail, and then two accounts that I have used on previous us cellular phones.

    One works fine (Mediacom) receives and send from the phone, but the second one (work account) Iowatelecom, now windstream, receives but will not send.

    I spent 20 minutes on a land line with the company I bought the phone from, they said call the ISP

    I spent 20 minutes on a land line with the ISP they confirmed the settings were correct and I should call Samsung

    I spent 20 minutes on a land line with Samsung, they gave up and said install a third party software

    I spent 134 minutes on a land line with US Cellular and they of course continued to tell me my setting were wrong and we tried a dozen variations, I cross checked all of the settings with the ISP, the phone takes the settings, actuates the account, still receives but all attempt to send receive a fail message.

    USC opened a resolution ticket…

    So, I called the ISP again, they advised that I remove the account and then add the account again, it added the account flawlessly including all of the correct settings automatically.
    Still same problem, on account (Mediacom) works both ways, the other (Windstream) receives but will not send.

    Them I miss a call from USC resolution engineer, I call back from a land line and spend 30 minutes with four people trying to answer the missed call question, which was am I using a third party software for email, which is ironic, that was the initial complaint, the USC email function.

    And I have a case number, apparently that means nothing in the chain of hierarchy.

    Anyone have a clue as to what the problem is, I am so very close to switching providers regardless of the penalty for early withdrawal.

    Note: The email account is a business account so it is vital that I correct this issue.
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