One Click Kodi Add-On And Build Install With Complete Kodi Setup Wizard

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    Kodi is the evolution of the XBMC media player, but Kodi is so much more than just a simple media player. Developers have taken this software to the next level. The media player has the ability to run third party plugins. There are thousands of plugins that allow you to do things like check the weather, listen to your favorite radio station or podcast, and of course watch live tv, movies, and sports.

    Setting up Kodi to do the latter can be a daunting process. You really need to know how to navigate the system. You'll need to know the best source and how to add it to kodi, then be able to install the source, and find add-ons. Alternatively you can very easily install all the best add-ons with one click. The "Complete Kodi Setup Wizard" app makes setting up Kodi a breeze. Literally just open the app, click install build, choose a build, and install. Then simply enjoy. Grab the app from the Play link below.

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