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    Hello to all the fellow Droid enthusiasts! I have posted this on the sister site Droid X forums so if you have already liked his facebook page and told your friends to vote, THANK YOU! There are only a couple more days to like his page so please vote if you haven't done so. He broke the 1000 "like" mark on his facebook page today and with your help I think he can get up to 2000 "likes".

    My brother in law, Ben V., is in a music contest and he needs your votes. He has a strong aspiration to succeed in the music industry. Lucky for him, he was selected into the top 20 by Johnny Wright and Crew. [​IMG]Five people have been eliminated so far and there is only 4 weeks left until select people from these 15 are chosen to go to the "boot camp". This is the next stage in the contest and he needs your help to get there.

    Here are the details explaining exactly what this contest is about:
    Each week there is a new challenge the contestants participate in and are then evaluated by online viewers and the judges. You can view his profile page here with all of his videos of previous and future challenges.

    This week the challenge is all about promoting his music online and getting "likes". He made a special video on Facestalker...er...Facebook about his latest challenge found at
    http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.vredevelt#!/video/video.php?v=1868515145580&oid=132927026775527&comm ents

    You don't need a facebook account to view the video but you do need one to "like"
    his Ben is On The Spot facebook page. If you don't have an account, please share the video with someone who does.
    If you are on facebook, please click on the link, like his facebook page and share with your friends. The judges will evaluate his likes of this video and views between now and Sunday so drag your mouse, click the link, and click "like". Thanks!