On-Demand Deliveries changing the way we shop

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    Postmates is providing courier service on-demand to a customer, a service that businesses have used for years to get products from one vendor to another. So is this courier service innovative by providing a service for those willing to pay to have an item delivered or is this just people being being lazy?

    Also how will this company stack up against Amazon who is already looking to try and utilize drone services?

    Personally I think this is innovative by providing a service already being utilized by other companies and marketing to the "busy" Americans who do not want to wait 2-3 days for a package or have the time to drive to purchase an item. With people spending more time on projects (for work) it can be hard to pull away to head to a shopping center. Though the argument can be made that it would take just as long for someone to deliver it to you than it would for you to drive to the store yourself, the market will ultimately decide the fate of this company and service. I can see this company taking off during the holiday shopping season.


    Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/8/25/9200641/postmates-delivery-app-interview-ceo-bastian-lehmann
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    Cool idea for sure. I like to try and spend my money locally where I can, but there's something to be said for convenience. I'm willing to pay a little extra for convenience.

    If we want deliver in my little town, the only option is really pizza. There was a Chinese place that delivered. Not sure if they still do. The Taco place that delivered closed down. Jimmy John's cutoff for their delivery area in our town is a street that I can see from my window. We're on the other side of it.

    If I could have any meal I wanted picked up and delivered for a reasonable fee on the nights that the wife doesn't feel like cooking, I'd do it for sure. She works just as hard as I do and some evenings, it's a chore for her to even get back in the car and go pick something up if we're low on options she could whip together.

    The fact that it sounds like they're kind of offering a chance to shop within Postmates is really cool too. There are businesses downtown here that close at 5 or 6 in the evening. I work until 4 and the wife tends to work later than that, so we only ever get downtown after those shops are closed to have dinner or meet up with family and friends for drinks.

    If I could go one place and kinda browse what some of those shops offer and have stuff delivered, I'd be much more likely to buy things that I don't even know are available locally.

    I think you definitely nailed on the head how hard it can be to run to the store for something that you need when you're in the middle of a handful of other "more important" things.

    It also might be worth a few bucks for me to not have to deal with the crowds at Wal-Mart and other places just to get one or two items...
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