On click to root and unroot the Droid 2

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    The attached folder contains a one click program that will root or un root the Droid 2.

    Download it to your desktop and unzip it.

    Plug your phone into the computer and place it in PC Mode.

    Ensure USB debugging is enabled Menu>Settings>Applications>Development make sure a check by USB debugging. You should see a program box in notification area at bottom of screen that says "DROID2". If not you are not in PC MODE or you do not have the correct drivers.

    Open the Root folder on you desktop or wherever you put it.

    Double click root.bat

    Type 1 (enter) to boot you phone. You will see a series of messages and finally the cursor will blink.

    I put the system to sleep for 5 minuets, so if that amount of time goes by and nothing happens, it did not work.

    If it works, in one to two minuets the Droid2 in notification will go off, and you will see more messages on your screen while your phone reboots and then the DROID2 will come back on your computer.

    Just wait until you see the message , "Root complete. Phone will now reboot." Then hit any key and your phone will reboot.

    On my phone I have Droid 2 Bootstrapper installed and after this reboot, the recovery screen comes up and I click my camera key to reboot. I do not know what will happen if YOU do not have bootstrapper.

    After your phone comes alive, unlock it and wait for a while. Mine churns away for a few seconds and then superuser permission for Add Free comes up and a bit later superuser permission for Droid 2 bootstrapper comes on the screen. I just grant permission there.

    Then I go into Terminal Emulator and type "su" and grant permission there. Then I open Root Explorer and grant superuser permission there. Then I make sure Titanium works.

    Not as easy as z4root but it works.

    Use at your own risk.
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