OMFGB Thunderbolt 1.3.0 - 07/02/11 126CST ADDED MR2+ BUILD

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    This is not my rom the very talented developer XOOMDEV over @ Rootz Wiki

    OMFGB Thunderbolt 1.3.0 - 07/02/11 126CST ADDED MR2+ BUILD

    OMFGB Thunderbolt 1.3.0 - 07/02/11 126CST ADDED MR2+ BUILD


    OMFGB 1.3.0 Mecha

    [DISCLAIMER: If you are flashing this you have already voided your manufacturer's warranty. If you are flashing this you realize that this is unsupported software. Your device may break as a result of flashing this unsupported software. t3hh4xx0r team is not responsible for anything that might happen to your phone or you as a result of flashing this software. That includes but is not limited to bricked phones, world war, your alarm not waking you up and as a result you getting fired, or orgasms. That said, thank you for trying it.]

    Features of this ROM
    Android 2.3.4 Base
    Builds available for HTC Incredible, Droid Eris, Evo, Thunderbolt, Droid 1, and Hero
    Future builds planned for Droid Charge and Samsung Fascinate

    Configurable Power Widgets (cm)
    3 choices of Lockscreen mods - Standard Tab, Rotary, and Honeycomb concept
    Reboot menu including recovery and bootloader options (cm)
    Lockscreen shortcuts for Phone and Messaging apps
    2 choices in battery types, stock or percentages
    Volume wake and menu unlock (cm)
    Configurable overscroll effect (cm)
    Screen off and on animations (cm)
    Volume button music controls (cm)
    Lockscreen music controls
    Configurable launcher screen settings
    Workspace looping in launcher
    Scrollable widgets support in launcher
    Landscape mode available in launcher
    DSP Manager (cm)
    God Mode Settings app to control all this craziness
    Tmobile Theme Chooser (tmobile)
    Addons app for customizing your OMFGB build even more
    Nightlies in the God Mode app to stay on the bleeding edge
    Wallpapers by ksknightmare and sgarriques

    Thunderbolt specific features
    4G Data and 3G Data working
    Two builds, one for mr1 radios and one for mr2 radios
    Concurrent data/voice capability
    Stock BFS kernel made by Drod2169.
    Additional kernels by Drod available in Addons App
    leanKernel by imoseyon also available in Addons App

    Still not working
    Voicemail button on Phone takes you to somewhere...i dunno where exactly
    Seems network location can be odd sometimes. I like being a traveling man however..
    I don't know at this point why ringtones keep on getting reset to silent ringtone on every flash, looking into this.
    Ringtones sometimes (or all the time) ring once and stop

    Please let me know if you see something else not working as i need this feedback. Try to keep it to bugs that might be just for this build and not OMFGB as a whole.

    Thanks Section
    First I want to thank RootzWiki for this awesome forum that we can share our work on. Next I would like to thank my team for putting up with me disappearing for two weeks to make this work for you guys. There are so many people I want to thank for making this possible. First biggest thanks to slayher, he did this first and has helped out with ALOT of bugs that he had to deal with when there was no one else here to help him fix them. He also helped me update this to mr2.5 General thanks go to birdman, b16, cvpcs, the whole cm team, peteralfonso, drod2169, ksknightmare, the irc guys, sgarriques, imoseyon, the users in this thread including avlfive and jaxidian and mikereDD which i've seen answer hundreds of questions. If I don't have you listed and you helped in some way, biggest thanks to you. Im old sorry.



    MR2.5 Radio md5sum 513f5c64323876cf7c479bd21bd1dc3e

    I will post when i find all the other ones...

    LATEST MR2+ Builds

    OMFGB-1.3.0-Nightly-07-02 [[[[[[[[ MR2+ radios only ]]]]]]]]

    LATEST MR1 Builds

    NOTE: MR1 Radio nightly will be in the godmode app shortly as soon as it's done building




    GAPPS (lithid) with new gtalk - lithid GAPPS

    All sources are at OMFGB's github page ---

    t3hh4xx0r team consists of:
    - r2DoesInc - - linuxmotion - - xoomdev - - davidjr621 - - SteveLogik -
    - Willis420 -

    Please visit for more information

    OMFGB Thunderbolt 1.3.0 - 07/02/11 126CST ADDED MR2+ BUILD

    *Unofficial* OMFGB FAQ

    I'm going to try to make this #2 post useful but take note: Anything I post here is NOT official and is NOT coming from the OMFGB team. If you want help straight from the horse's mouth, ignore me. That said, I'm going to put info here to help people so we can allow xoomdev to focus more on coding and less on supporting us.

    As with any documentation, this will be out of date over time, so please see the Last-Edited date at the bottom of this post in case some of this information is out of date.

    Unofficial FAQ

    FAQ Sections:
    • New-to-OMFGB Questions
    • Radio/Data Questions
    • Application Questions
    • Theme Questions
    • OMFGB Settings and Special Features
    • Upgrade Questions
    • Other Questions

    New-to-OMFGB Questions

    Q: How do I root my phone?
    Q: How do I flash a radio?

    A: I'm sorry but this ROM is not for you yet.

    This ROM is too experimental at this point for you to use it as a ROM to learn how to root/hack your Android device. Instead, if you want to get started, I suggest you learn on the das Bamf ROMs as they are some of the most popular at this point and they are easier to get started on. If you have mastered hacking your Android device with those ROMs, then you will be better-prepared to handle the difficulties that this pre-release ROM offers.

    Q: Is this a stable ROM?
    A: No.

    This is not yet a stable ROM. This is not yet a Beta ROM. At this time, I don't believe this has even been called an alpha ROM, even. If you want something that is stable, you should probably stick with the Sense-based ROMs at this time.

    Q: Wow, you make it sound like this ROM is horrible! What gives?
    A: Actually, this ROM is pretty slick and kicks ass! If you like CM7, you'll like this.

    It performs incredibly fast and has some wonderful features built in. If you are familiar with AOSP vs Sense-based ROMs at any level, you will understand that AOSP-based ROMs perform MUCH faster than Sense-based ROMs and have much more flexibility in customizing it to do things that HTC hasn't allowed for you to do. Currently, CM7 and OMFGB are the only AOSP-based ROMs available for the Thunderbolt (MIUI will be available soon in an equally pre-release fashion).

    Usually, AOSP-based ROMs aren't this difficult to get running on new Android devices as they are released, but the Thunderbolt is a special exception and you already know why. This was the first Verizon LTE device made. With this new LTE radio comes new difficulties that nobody else has ever attempted to tackle. With other devices, the radio challenges usually had already been solved with the devices that came before it but this is not the case with the Thunderbolt.

    The developers of the various AOSP-based ROMs are all working with one another to help each other tackle these new LTE challenges but it takes time. And unfortunately, the primary developers working on the code that interfaces with the LTE radio (you'll hear referred to as RIL - Radio Interface Layer) live in areas that don't even get LTE reception, so this makes it incredibly more difficult for them to get these ROMs working perfectly. Lastly, because this RIL has been so challenging, these developers have spent much less time than they would have liked polishing the other aspects of the ROMs.

    Q: After I successfully flashed this for the first time, I couldn't find the Market or anything. What gives?
    A: You must install GApps via Recovery after flashing the ROM.

    There is the officially supported GApps and there is also the unofficially supported (but it still works) Lithid GApps that includes the new GTalk.

    Q: What kernels work on OMFGB?
    A: AOSP/CM7 kernels.

    Because of the always-changing nature of kernels, I won't try to list all of the kernels that do work or what bugs they have. However, suffice to say that there are 3 categories of kernels and only one of them work with this ROM. These categories are: 1) Sense Froyo, 2) Sense Gingerbread, and 3) AOSP Gingerbread (also often called "CM7"). Of these three categories, the AOSP Gingerbread-based kernels work with this, for the most part.

    As time goes on, there may be issues running a specific AOSP-based kernel on this ROM that doesn't exist in other ROMs (such as CM7) but the developers will likely try to address these issues and release fixes for them in newer versions. So ultimately, you will need to read up on the kernel or just try it.

    Q: What radios work on OMFGB?
    A: Beginning with 7/2, any radio will work.

    Because of the always-changing nature of radios and leaks, I won't try to list all of the radios that do work or what bugs they have. However, suffice to say that there are 2 categories of radios and only one of them work with this ROM. These categories are often (but very confusingly) called "Froyo" (or MR1) and "Gingerbread" (or MR2 or MR2.5) radios. The "Froyo" radios work with the earlier versions of Sense Froyo ROMs and AOSP-based ROMs, and probably came on your phone. The "Gingerbread" radios work with the Sense Gingerbread ROMs as well as newer Sense Froyo ROMs.

    Prior to the 7/2 nightly, Froyo radios were required. Beginning with the 7/2 nightly, both Froyo and Gingerbread radios are supported. It's expected that at some point in the future, Froyo support will stop. However, there are suspected risks of running the Gingerbread radios (plus none of them are official yet), so both are currently supported.

    Radio/Data Questions

    Q: What radio works best?
    A: There are mixed results which specific one is best, though.

    There is not currently a "best" radio to run this ROM on. Some people report great results on one radio while others report great problems on that radio. And vice versa with other versions. At this time, you will have to experiment for yourself to determine what radio is best for you.

    Q: Do I need to _______ when I flash a radio?
    A: No, you may flash different radios without changing anything else as long as the radios are compatible.

    No need to Wipe Data, Wipe Cache, Wipe Davlik Cache, or any of that. You MIGHT want to consider wiping battery stats but even this unlikely to help when you flash a new radio. However, you may

    Q: I'm having various issues where I lose data. What do I do?
    A: Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile networks -> Network Mode: Switch it to CDMA/EvDo, wait for a solid 3G signal, and switch it back to CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto. You might need to repeat this a second time.

    There are a number of bugs with the radio that are being diligently worked on. However, these steps should make these bugs tolerable. The scenarios that seem to trigger these bugs are when you move from a 4G to a 3G area, from a 3G to a 4G area, from WiFi to mobile data, from mobile data to WiFi, or if you disable Airplane mode. Sometimes this kicks in when you boot up, too. You will probably see the most stability if you stay in CDMA/EvDo mode but you will not benefit from 4G speeds. It's your call what the best tradeoffs are for you.

    Application Questions

    Q: My ______ application is missing. Where did it go?
    A: Can you see your SD Card in Android? If not, go to that question's answer.

    If you can see your SD Card, then search through the forum to see what everybody else is saying. Chances are that somebody else has found your problem already (and may have solved it).

    Q: Why is video rotated in GTalk's video chat?
    A: This is a known bug. Be patient on this one, please.

    Theme Questions

    Q: How do I theme OMFGB?
    A: Use the Theme Chooser, just like in CM7.

    T-Mobile has created a wonderful theming system, and even released the source code for it, that has become the standard for various AOSP-based ROMs to use for theming. Here is a good thread to learn more about the T-Mobile Theme Manager System.

    Q: I applied a new theme, but my Notification Toggles went away. Did I screw something up?
    A: You forgot to reboot. Any time you change themes, you must always reboot for full functionality.

    Q: I applied a new theme that works in ____ ROM, but there is this bug in OMFGB. I thought all themes worked on all ROMs with the Theme Picker?
    A: Sometimes a themer with little experience (or a lack of time) will take shortcuts or make customizations to a theme that ties it to a specific phone or ROM.

    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do other than to ask the developer to make the theme universal. Most themes out there have very few restrictions like this, but there will always be exceptions.

    Q: I applied a new theme, but why are some of the graphics all fuzzy?
    A: Make sure you have an HDPI version of your theme and not an MDPI version.

    Many themes support both HDPI (high definition) and MDPI (low definition) versions. For those, make sure the version you installed is the HDPI version. Others, however, only support MDPI and you will not be able to use those themes on this phone very well. Ultimately, this has nothing to do with OMFGB but has to do with the higher quality of the screen on the Thunderbolt.

    Q: I applied a new theme, but why don't I get a themed lockscreen (or other things)?
    A: Some themes require additional steps with additional files to flash via various methods.

    Unfortunately, the T-Mobile theming engine cannot theme ANYTHING. Some exceptions include the lockscreen and some aspects of the dialer. Because of these limitations, some themers provide additional steps to theme these things. However, these additional steps may or may not work on this ROM. Attempt them at your own risk.

    OMFGB Settings and Special Features

    Q: What is God Mode?
    A: God Mode is an application that provides you access to special settings, options, and applications.

    Think of this as being similar to the "Toolkit" in various other ROMs. There may or may not be other ways to change some of these advanced settings.

    Q: Why isn't the ______ setting in Launcher Settings in God Mode working?
    A: These settings only work for the stock launcher, not third-party launchers like LauncherPro, ADW, or Go Launcher.

    Q: Where did my Notification Toggle buttons go?
    A: There is an icon on the right side in your Notifications window to hide/show the Toggle buttons - hit it to bring them back.

    Upgrade Questions

    Q: Do I need to wipe data when I upgrade?
    A: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If you're having strange problems, then wipe. If you want to be safe, then wipe.

    Ultimately, this answer may always be different depending on what version of OMFGB you're upgrading from and to. If it's from a previous night's nightly, you may be safe without wiping. However, there will always be exceptions and it will never be clear. However, it's always best to wipe if you want to be safe and avoid random problems.

    Q: I upgraded without wiping but certain things are missing. Where did they go?
    A: Perhaps you need to reinstall GApps, or perhaps you should wipe for good measure.

    Q: I downloaded a new nighly via God Mode. Where did it save at?
    A: SD Card: t3hh4xx0r/downloads/

    Q: Why is my kernel all screwed up after upgrading?
    A: Upgrading flashes the stock kernel back on there.

    If you flash a custom kernel onto your phone, it may support features (overclocking, undervolting, OpenVPN, in call recording, etc.) that the stock kernel doesn't support. So if you need to run a custom kernel and you upgrade, you'll need to reinstall that custom kernel after upgrading.

    Q: Okay, so I want to upgrade in the *best* way possible. What is this process?
    A: You have 2 options: Manually or Automatic.
    1. Download the updated version of OMFGB that you want to flash
    2. Verify the MD5 after it's on your SD Card to make sure it isn't corrupt (Astro File Manager is an easy way to do this)
    3. Charge your battery to full (consider running a Titanium or other backup while you charge)
    4. Boot to Recovery
    5. Perform a nandroid backup
    6. Optionally wipe Data, Cache, Davlik, and more optionally Battery Stats (performing these steps is the *safest* way to do it)
    7. While still in Recovery, flash the new version of OMFGB. Do NOT perform this step from ROM Manager.
    8. After flashing the ROM, do not flash anything else but go ahead and boot up into Android.
    9. Do not touch anything! Let Android run for at least 5 minutes after you get the Launcher to show up.
    10. Optionally flash into Recovery to flash your Kernel (do NOT use ROM Manager or Kernel Manager for this).
    11. Boot back into Android, do NOT touch anything, and let sit for 5 more minutes.
    12. Boot back into Recovery and flash GApps (do NOT use ROM Manager for this).
    13. Boot back into Android. When it prompts you to click on the Android, wait 5 minutes before you start.
    14. Now you may begin setting your phone up as you choose.
    Automatic (does not wipe data):
    1. Open up God Mode -> Nightlies -> Click on the version you want to install.
    2. If you haven't yet downloaded, wait for it to download.
    3. Go back into God Mode -> Nightlies -> Click again on the version you want to install.
    4. It will inform you that it will flash the new ROM - click OK.
    5. Flashing the new version of the ROM may or may not lose your GApps. If it does, you will need to flash these again (either manually or via God Mode).
    6. As a safeguard, you may want to go into Recovery and wipe Cache, Davlik, and Battery Stats. This is your choice.

    Other Questions

    Q: Why isn't my GPS working?
    A: (to be more fully answered later).

    2 things to try:
    1) GPS Status application from the Market and delete GPS data
    2) <-- follow this thread's instructions. It says it's for CM7 but it works for OMFGB as well.


    If there are additional questions you think should be in this FAQ, please PM me. And again, please keep in mind that this is an UNOFFICIAL FAQ that is community-driven and NOT driven by the OMFGB team! All thanks go to that team for all of their tireless work! ​

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    Running now. Digging it so far. Will post if issues arise. Some 4g drops have happened... but that is acceptable.
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    Aight cool bro I am just sharing the talented devs work
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    I'm getting: "The process phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" All the time, anyone know if there is a fix for this?
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