Ok Rooted with Sholes, Whats up with grainy photos in gallery???

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by dynomite1371, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Ok Guys, Thanks for your help on my first thread. Got the phone running smooth. Set CPU with profiles is worth the weight and rooting alone. Flying and stable at 1 ghz. I have only noticed a couple things......... Downloaded pics when viewed in the gallery are very grainy and pixelated. (Only downloaded ones) Camera pics, backgrounds etc are all good. Even tried uploading downloaded pics to Picasa and still grainy. Cant figure that out??? And I use the multi-meadia dock and now have a new interface there when I hook it up. I prefer the old sceen (light blue) with the temp and time. How can I get that back. Maybe there is an "App for that"... Otherwise all is well. Just a side bar to this whole process for other newbies like myself. I was very sceptical. I had a couple failed attempts with sholes 2.5 (All were user error) but I kept reading and got through it fine and it has been worth it and as I said being able to get more speed with Set Cpu has been well worth the root. (I used similar profiles to those that have been posted in this forum). Any way, There seems to be so much more that I can do other than smoked glass theme, nice new gallery, and set cpu but I'm happy for now. I searched the app market for root apps but most were for hardcore users and did not seem to apply for me. So any suggestions on "must have apps for root users" would be great for this newbie......Just my 2C. Thanks in Advance.
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