OG Droid from 2.3.3 ROM back to latest factory

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    i might be upgrading to the Bionic when it's out. i've been told they will give me $80 in trade for my Droid. i'm worried that once they see it on a custom ROM, that they will take back the 80 adding it to my bill. i did a search and someone stated that once you move forward too much, it's impossible to go back to an early version without bricking the phone. i think i might need to get the phone back to stock 2.2 without root. if this is possible, does anyone have a link for that? i have reboot to bootloader and can find instructions if this is possible. if anyone has upgraded with a rooted phone with a ROM and it's safe to do, then i don't need any help. if it's not a good idea, then i just need a link to what i need to flash it back to and if i can. THANKS!

    if nothing else, i can just buy the new phone without $80 off and sell the OG on ebay. i might get more than $80, but i hate dealing with ebay and paypal.
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    I literally just did all this about 2 hours ago. Went right back to stock 2.0 and upgraded all the way to 2.2.2 with no problems. Before you follow what's posted in this post though, I suggest flashing either RZRecovery or SPRecovery is you're currently running clockwork mod. Here's the post though and it really does work, I seriously just did it a couple hours ago because the custom rom I was on kept giving me random reboots. This method will put you back to stock 2.0.1 WITHOUT root, then back to back you will get the updates to get back to 2.2 !


    Hope it helps, if you have issues make you post in the thread above or you can ask me and I'll help as much as I can.
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