Official Press Pic of the Moto X Leaks

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    The Moto X is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the history of the smartphone industry. Perhaps that is by accident, or perhaps it is by design, but more than likely it is a little of both. Regardless, the newest leak is supposedly the official press shot for the device. As you can see above it matches many of the previously leaked pics we had of the device from several months ago.

    The back on this one is a bit different than some of the previous versions we have spied of the phone. The earlier shots of the black colored Moto X had a smooth rubberized back, but this one has a textured appearance. This isn't really surprising because, as we reported previously, you will be able to custom order multiple different colors or textures for your device before purchase.

    This phone could very easily be a real game changer for Motorola. The things they are focusing on with this device (cheap pricing & personalization) could give it a huge mass market appeal.

    Update: Here's a white version of the leaked press render below,


    This same leaked shot included the info that the FCC certified the device with a 2200mAh battery.

    Source: via PCMag
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    Alright, I guess I'll take one. Is it rooted yet? LOL
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