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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 5' started by Jeffrey, May 18, 2015.

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    I did the same thing hammerhead13. Traded in my beat up RazrM. I really was not too excited about the N5. I wanted to get the Note edge but they are no longer available via Verizon and to reduce my line charge by $25, I had to purchase via the big V. That being said, I'm growing very fond of my N5. There are the obvious things anyone would like; the screen quality, the battery life is as good or better than my N3, the super quick responsiveness of anything you do. Other first impressions...
    The things I love:
    -fingerprint unlock. It is quick, convenient and very easy. I always just used swipe up. This is so much faster.
    -the ability to change themes which changes colors, icons and fonts across the board. I choose the theme with the color and icon theme I want then change the wallpaper to what I want.
    -The ability to change the size of font which applies it to the home screens and across all apps, etc. Nice feature for those of us with eyes that need a bigger font.
    -the recent apps is capacitive touch to the left of home button instead of long press on home. Much much easier to access recent apps.
    -Excellent improvement in how the s-pen writes. It actually looks like my own handwriting.
    -s-pen quick launch always ready icon when you have the s-pen out. Very convenient to not have to push that button on the pen every time.
    -being able to add your own apps to the s-pen quick launch. Again, very convenient to be able to add those apps that you frequently use your pen for.
    -of course, being able to write a quick note on screen without having to unlock.
    -camera has added some awesome abilities which are not preloaded but can be downloaded. Check out surround shot, sport shot and sound & shot.
    -flashlight can be added to quick settings in status bar. Very convenient as I use flashlight often.

    The things I don't like:
    -that anytime you choose an app to perform a function, it is automatically given default status rather than being given the option to choose "just once." I do not like this at all. There are some similar apps I like to use for different purposes. For instance, I use the chrome browser most often but I also like to use the stock browser for some tasks. I don't want to have to go into app settings to clear the default just because I want to open a web page from an app, then go back to clear default again because I want to go back to using Chrome.
    - I miss the menu option next to home button. It has been replaced by recent apps (which I love). But it would be great if app menu/settings could be a long press on the home button (or something of the sort). All apps have their menu/settings option but they are often in different places on the screen. Having a one place to access this would be convenient.
    -when in phone app, you can't quickly choose contact info by tapping on contact's avatar. Have to go to menu option "more." Adds to many more steps when you want to call someone on their home phone when they called from their cell.

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