Official CM13 Nightlies For The Nexus 4!

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    The Nexus 4 is how old?! Yet it can now run a stable build of Android 6.0 Marshmallow thanks to the development community! This is pretty outstanding and is one of the main reasons I will continue to support and champion the development community. If I didn't review new phones on my youtube channel I would be the guy that carried the same phone until it flat out died. I would also be the guy extending that device by running custom roms!

    CyanogenMod 13 Official Nightly builds are now available for the Nexus 4. Not only does this bring Android 6.0 to the device, but you will also get some features like Doze, Now On Tap, and a few customization options as well as performance enhancements. Grab the rom from the link below.

    via Cyanogen
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