Official Android L May Also Feature Native Quick Torch Functionality

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Google really seems to be taking user submitted feature request to heart. The Quick Torch has been just has heavily requested as the Custom quick settings. The feature has been heavily requested in the Android L Developer Preview build issue tracker. It is nice to see that Google is taking this opportunity to listen to the consumer and give us features that we actually want. There are also possibilities that other features like a revised SD card access policy, and google voice functionality. It is nice to see more and more custom rom features making their way into stock Android. There is nothing wrong with options! What other features would you like to see in Android L?

    Via Android L issue tracker
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    1. For Google to push out software updates separate of carriers. They can be packages set up like rom updates. Vanilla android is a much smaller download compared to oem skins so the download size should be hard to keep small. This way Google can unify the android market.*

    2. The ability to customize the navbar and navring (even add double tap and long press functionality to softkeys)

    3. Themer (system color such as the navbar, status bar, and lockscreen items

    4. Reboot option in the power menu

    * Google also needs to be realistic in what a device can handle and not end support early for a device. My Vz GNex is running 4.4.4 just fine even though Google and Verizon stopped supporting it. I understand their reasoning because TI doesn't support the processor anymore, but the hardware can still handle; it actually handles it better than 4.2.2 as it is a smaller package.

    Features 2, 3, and 4 would probably stop 95% of people who rom as those are options that are amazing.

    Feature 1 would probably stop 99% of people who rom.

    Almost every other custom rom feature can be implemented via the play store (pie control, dynamic notifications, etc.) or via xposed (hover, transparent status bar, etc).

    All we need to keep is Root as xposed is amazing!