OEM Faux Leather battery cover

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    When I heard Samsung was releasing a "Black edition" s4 with the faux leather battery cover found on the Note 3, I was excited and had to get my hands on one. For awhile they were on sale for about $40 I think so I held off. Managed to find one on ebay and picked it up for $18.

    It gives the s4 a whole new look and definitely a new welcomed feel to the phone. For those with the stock cover you know how slippery this phone is and this new one eliminates it. I think it makes it look more premium of a device as well and certainly beats any custom battery covers I've been using. I've been using this specific designed battery cover and it made the phone just a tad bit thicker, well now I remember how slim this device really is with this new cover on.

    You can still find a few on ebay and I highly recommend getting one. A little pricey, but much cheaper than what Samsung was asking for.

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