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    I know this has been asked a lot over the last year, but I searched, and found way too much information and none of it the straight answer I seek. I asked in another thread with no luck.

    With the new update I find myself needing to update my ROM again. I run as close to stock as possible. I plan on using one of the offerings of Metickone (any other better options out there?). I can use either the odex or deodex version. I remember researching this before and one of those allows for further development/modding, but one also uses more battery and some people say one has worse performance. I dont remember which is which. I THINK it was deodex that allowed for further modding, but used more battery and potentially had worse performance, so if you werent going to utilize it you might be best going with the odex (like stock?) but I could be wrong. Can someone please straighten that out for me and clue me in if Im missing something like additional benefits for doing one vs. the other?

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    Likely not a lot of responses as questions about performance and battery differ for everyone. I think the big neg to odex is no theming and less functionality with regards to other tweaks. I too run close to stock from time to time, and while I do not have direct comparisons odex and deodex for a given rom, there are other things that you will do or have set (widgets/apps/etc.) that are gonna affect performance more. With the right rom kernel, overclocking and app setup, I see no real reason to run odex.

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