Occasional SMS messages never received

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S5 Discussions' started by MattE303, Jan 26, 2015.

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    A few months ago, after GO SMS PRO released their horrific v6, I switched to ChompSMS. During the last month or so, 2 of the messages I sent (out of probably 100-200 msgs) never made it to the recipient. The lost messages show as 'sent' on my phone but they never showed up to the recipients. The messages in question were to 2 different people, sent from 2 different locations, both are Android users (S5 and a Note2), one is on Verizon, the other AT&T.

    Is it possible that ChompSMS is to blame for this, or would it have to be a carrier (Verizon) issue?

    I'm not aware of ever losing msgs before I switched apps, but that's not to say it never happened, I just happened to be paying enough attention after the switch to notice these 2 and confirm that they were never received.