Nubia Z7 mini contrast Xiaomi 3 Pictures View !

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    Appearance design as an important subject, always affects the choice of consumers to buy mobile phones. Admittedly, for cost-effective mobile phone now, many users are focusing on the hardware configuration and system UI, few people mention appearance design. But really to want to buy mobile phones, actually everybody will look.

    For style, the Xiaomi 3 can be said to be the Xiaomi's bold design generation, even now Xiaomi 4 has been released, the theory remains valid. The design of this kind of style of the company obviously more suitable for men use, large size founder fuselage look more masculine.


    Compared with the bold change extent of Xiaomi 3, Nubia Z7 Mini overall design style can use conservative to describe. May be the reason for the Nubia prefer passing on, the whole design style of appearance change is not too big, the narrow side + red circle breathing lamp is Nubia series mobile phone standard, also is Nubia series mobile phone genes of common descent.


    In design details, Xiaomi 3 still adopts enclosed design, rear cover sealed, and does not support memory card.

    Compared with Xiaomi 3, Nubia Z7 Mini clearly grasp the demand of consumers. This machine not only with the current mainstream hardware configuration, but also support double card double standby and mirco SD card .
    In terms of handling, Xiaomi 3 chose boxy body, perhaps to make the phone look very atmosphere, although only 5 inch screen, but the truth really big volume, at first glance like is 5.5 inch mobile phone.


    Compared with Xiaomi 3 looks strong fuselage, the Nubia Z7 Mini slightly fruity body is very small. Thanks to Nubia series mobile phone the edge of the narrow design, the Nubia Z7 Mini one-handed handling is good, at least in the screen of outstanding performance comparison. In addition it is worth mentioning that the Nubia Z7 Mini 's power button and volume buttons all design in the mobile phone right side, right hand holding a grip when it is more comfortable to manipulate.


    Finished watching the screen, we look at the phone cameras. In terms of the lens specifications, the nubia Z7 mini using front 5 million pixels + 13 million pixels rear lens combination, the Xiaomi 3 is weaker, front 2 million pixels + 13 million pixels rear lens.

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