Nubia X6 invitations exposure: imitation lens aperture design !

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    Nubia X6 conference paper invitation letter

    Nubia X6 paper issued by the invitation letter, the invitation letter adopts lens aperture design, referring to the machine's powerful shooting ability, red circle around the lens to cater to Nubia brand.


    After open invitation letter, can see the lens can be scaling back and forth, represents the aperture with the change of the layers of cardboard and is very similar with zoom camera movements, seem to indicate that the machine will support optical zoom .


    Nubia X6 is a flagship product of Nubia, release on Tuesday, March 25 , in addition to the high hardware configuration, the main feature is the camera. According to the previous exposure, Nubia X6 will be equipped with around 16.0MP camera, not only increase the optical image stabilization function, will also add the optical zoom, and the invitation letter seems also proves this point .

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