Nuance Shows Off Swype and Dragon Mobile Assistant for Smartwatches at CES

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    The idea of typing on a tiny smartwatch keyboard doesn't sound too appealing. Luckily, the software company Nuance thought the same thing. At CES this year they could be seen showing off Swype keyboard and Dragon Mobile Assistant versions for smartwatches. They used the Samsung Galaxy Gear to show off Swype (which you can see in the video above). It definitely looks like typing with Swype on a smartwatch would be easier than the traditional method.

    Their smartwatch version of Dragon Mobile Assistant can compose messages, look up movie times, check the weather, and place phone calls through voice commands. It also adds some Shazam-like features to the app. This is a great concept and really is the direction that mobile smartwatches will need to take. Ultimately, an enhanced version of Google Now is what is needed to make a smartwatch really "bloom" as a useful item.

    Source: Nuance
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