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    Hello all,

    I'm still new to the whole world of Droid but I have noticed a difference between how Android works vs windows mobile works. In windows every thing you run stays running. In android you only can have programs running in the top bar. I believe its called notifications. With all that said let me move down to a new paragraph and ask my question.

    Is there a program that you can run that will then allow you to run a program at the top which can truly run in the back ground. I listen to something that runs in the browser and I would like to listen to that and write. Is there such a thing?

    Thanks in advance.

    Tom Goyett

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    Android is a multi-tasking platform. Which allows multiple apps to run at the same time without compromising speed and performance. Unfortunately if you are watching youtube or something on the browserand you close out of it, it is still running but, it will not keep playing. You can store music on your phone and that will stay running until you pause it or get a phone call. I hope this answered your question, welcome to droid forums
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