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Nothing than problems with my Milestone!

Discussion in 'Android Tech Support' started by Ludo0077, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Ludo0077

    Ludo0077 New Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    Last year in february, I bought a Motorola Milestone, I was very pleased with the phone but after 5 months he really started acting weird...

    There are a few problems...

    My phone blocks all the time, like force close for home, sms, contacts,...
    every possible thing blocks...
    When I see: activity Home bla bla bla... and I press force close or wait I only have a black screen :s
    And sometimes it takes like 15 minutes to start up :s

    I also have notifications that my internal phone storage is full?
    but I have less apps than in the beginning, so I cant receive messages untill I remove some apps :s

    I also see that my contacts are 70mb, but I only have 140 contacts?
    I think it is because I did sync from facebook and now I see all that bs on a contact that I don't want to see...
    How can I delete that?

    I also deleted Handcent, because I thought that was the reason for the force close, but it wasn't, but now I can't find it in market?

    And my keybord also doesn't works good, when I press a key like E its like I pressed it 3 or 4 times :s

    Also, when I lay down in bed or in the couch and I have a phonecall or i call someone, they can't here me very good, its like the connection scks :s

    My 3,5 mm jack also works very incorrect, when I twist it the sound is horrible...

    I think there are a lot more problems but I forgot them now :s

    Hope you guys can help me, I payed 430 euro's for this phone and sometimes I just wna smash it to the floor :s

    PS: I'm from Belguim, so I think my english isn't perfect, my apologies for that.