Nothing against Mikradle, but it isn't really a "dock"

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    I have nothing against the Mikradle as it seems to be a very high quality, professional product, but I don't think it should be advertised as a dock. A dock, in my opinion, is something that you can insert/plug your device into. The Mikcradle is a stand (cradle) that holds the device, similar to a shelf.

    The reason why I'm saying this is because I'm looking for a dock for my Incredible. I previously had a D1 with the Moto Multimedia Dock and I loved being able to just drop the device into it to charge it. Its so much easier to plug the phone into a dock than to manually plug a charger into the phone, especially in the dark. Unfortunately there is nothing like this for the Inc that I can find. Any dock/cradle/stand/etc I search for requires you to manually plug the charger in, which defeats the whole purpose of why I'm looking for one.

    That being said, if you were to make a Mikradle that somehow had a fixed charging port on it so you could just plug the phone in, I would definitely buy one and I'm sure many others would as well.
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