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    I absolutely love this rom and what it does! Here are some of the positive and negatives I found, maybe some of you can offer some feedback. I am wondering if some of the problems I was running into were just my phone or problems others may be experiencing as well.

    -Excellent UI. Totally innovative and refreshing to android.
    -Battery life kicked ass, and it seems like everything eats my phone to death
    -all of the extra features built into this awesome rom make it top dog in my book

    -Ran sluggish on my D1, even at 1ghz =( I am wondering if this is just because the D1 is an older handset with a limited gpu. My girlfriends incredible renders things like live wallpaper a LOT better then my D1 ever has. She is running IncRom right now but I may load up miui on her inc to see if it runs smoother.

    -Picure messages would send and receive about half the time. The other half they would not be received by the recipient and I would not get the ones sent to me. The ones I did get 80% of the time would be in black and white, which was not their original color.

    All in all a great rom, just wish it ran a little smoother on my phone because the sluggish-ness did start to become very cumbersome after awhile. Keep up the great work dev team!
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    It runs quite smoothly on my D1, so it's not necessarily the hardware. Not all D1's are the same though, and some run some roms and kernels quite differently than others, and this seems especially random on the D1's for some reason. Very odd.
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