Note 3 Screen Self Replacement Success

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    Even if your N3 is in a case with a raised edge, it may not be enough protection when dropped face down in a parking lot. Screen protector or not, if there is even the smallest pebble in the parking lot, it may be tall enough to damage the large screen. This was the case for me. First cracked screen in my history of many phones. I am amazed when i see so many people with no case at all! Fortunately the phone was still fully operational while I waited for super overpriced parts to arrive. I opted for the screen/ digitizer complete replacement even though I ordered the cheap glass only as a consideration. The problem with the risky glass only replacement, is even though it is cheaper, if a mistake is made in the process, my phone would be useless until the screen/ digitizer arrived. Minimizing downtime was the ultimate goal. The biggest surprise was that the s pen mat was not included in the screen digitizer sandwich which made for a salvage challenge. This is the best dis-assembly video I could find:


    If anyone is cornered into attempting this themselves, feel free to ask any questions here. A bit of a learning curve for my first one, but it's not actually too bad to do if you take your time and are extra careful. :)
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