not compatible due to the carrier firmware package on that particular SKU

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    Hello all.

    Model: SM-G965U Verizon (default time unlocked by Verizon)
    Hardware version: REV1.1
    FCC ID: A3LSMG965U
    SERIAL: RF8KC...
    Phone status: Official
    Android Version: 10
    Baseband version: G965USQU7DTA8
    Kernel version: 4.9.186
    Build number: QP1A.190711.020.G965USQU7DTA8
    Service provider SW ver: SAOMC_SM-G965U_OYN_VZW_QQ_0008_4559465250413098

    I am attempting to move from Verizon to Visible (a Verizon subsidiary). My IMEI did not check as compatible with Visible and this is what the level three rep replied with:

    "I did some digging and it looks like we have compatibility with*most*Galaxy S9+s. I double checked your IMEI and it is not compatible due to the carrier firmware package on that particular SKU, apologies about that!" :End Quote

    [1] What is the suggested solution to change to a carrier firmware package that will work?
    [1a] I believe you change this with Odin?
    [1b] The Samsung Unlocked version does not work with Visible.
    [2] Will it require to setup the phone again?
    [3] Will Samsung Pay / Secure Folder still work?

    UPDATE: I have data and mobile hotspot working with my S9+, but still no phone calls or texts. Keep that in mind if you need an unlimited device for data.