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Discussion in 'Droid X Hacks' started by Billa_DX, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Hi All...

    you've all been very helpful thus far, and i haven't yet had to say a word... just kinda curious as to what i should be knowing/thinking/doing next...

    i used Z4root
    put Droid X Bootstrapper on and made a nandroid backup
    and put Titanium Backup on to backup my apps.
    (thanks maderschramm & jsw6380a, your sigs, and this thread:

    I had been now thinking what is next. I would like to begin to customize the look of my dx. i just installed 'GO Launcher'...

    i used it to 'hide' the apps i didn't want in my tray (blockbuster, etc) as i had been nervous about doing anything that wouldn't allow me to receive OTA updates... not that i'm opposed to it, but if i'm going to do something, that needs to be undone before an OTA, i need to take better notes than i have thus far.

    how is this go launcher diff/worse/'not as good'(i assume the latter) as 'flashing' a rom...

    i mainly want my phone to be stable, and fast. i surf web, and play pk(a mmorpg) and aside from that, just want my phone to be quick.
    i use literally NO widgets.. i don't want things on my screens. first thing i did with "GO Launcher" was crank it down to 3 screens, and i have one widget on each.

    I appreciate any and all tips/advice/suggestions, on what i should do next?

    (GummyJar Rom was the way i was headed, based on my reading of the 'rom' boards today at work.)