Non-Rooted DInc stuck in boot loop - cannot hard reset

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    First of all thanks for any and all attempts to help me out with my issues, you guys rock. I have looked all over the web and everyone who has this issue has a rooted phone and frankly knows what they are doing way more than I.
    Ok so here is the story-

    My Dinc got stuck on the white load screen and was just stuck and got hot. This being an awful time for me to be without a phone I just went ahead and switched my service to an Iphone I had access to, so the phone has no service at this time. When I got a chance I decided to see if I could get the Dinc to come back from the dead. Removing the SD card, which now says it needs to be reformated, yields me with a new problem, boot loop. So I went ahead and tried again to do a data wipe/factory reset, no dice. When I try I get thing this:

    Formatting /data...
    E:can't mount /data...
    E:can't mount /data/
    E:can't mount /data/cw.prop
    E: Format_volume: fs_type "ext3" unsupported
    E:can't mount /cache/
    E:can't mount /cache/cw.prop
    Formatting /cach...
    E: Format_volume: fs_type "ext3" unsupported
    data wipe complete.
    E:failed to find "datadata" partition to mount a
    t "/data/data
    E: can't mount /data/data/recovery/log
    E: can't open /data/data/recovery/log

    And it just keeps boot looping.

    Once again I have never messed with ROMs or any of that fun stuff so I am a newb with at this.
    Thanks again in advance for any help you might be able to offer me.
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