no settings app on phone. got deleted

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    i dont know how exactly it got deleted but my settings app isnt there anymore. i was deleting things with titanium backup and i didnt delete the settings app. maybe one of the system things i deleted was for the settigns app. i still had the settings app until i shut it down and turned it on again. i backed it up and tried to reinstall it but it failed. i tried to get to settings app many ways. i hit the button on the bottom left of the phone next to the picture of the house (home button). it didnt do anything. when i was near wifi. i got a notif saying wifi networks available. i clicked it didint work. i factory reseted it (with and without sd card in) still didnt work i just lost all of my apps. i dont know what to do :confused:
    i have version 2.2.2 is that the latest version? if not what is and how do i update it without the settings app.
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