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    I looked for this problem but couldnt really find anything specific to my problem. I have the Motorola Droid Bionic and I just rooted it last night. I decided to also flash a ROM onto it. I used Bionic Eclipse v2.0 which I believe is a pretty old ROM for the Bionic but there isn't much choice for the phone. It succesfully booted and it gave me all my apps and settings back so that all worked out great. The only problem is that I now have no verizon phone service whatsoever and that is a bit of a problem for me. I believe its because with the ROM, the baseband is too new so it isnt compatible and thats where my problem is. My question is one of two things. How can I downgrade my baseband so that my service works well with Eclipse and if that is too much of a hassle then I would just like to restore to original factory settings. If I just use safestrap and select wipe data/factory reset, will it go back to out of the box condition but I have my service back? Any help would be rediculously appreciated and again sorry if this is addressed somewhere else, I just looked for awhile and couldn't find it.
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