No ringing on handset when making a call

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    can't make calls and alot of other issues. Droind may be a bad choice

    When I make a call on my droid I can't here the other persons phone ringing, it's silent until someone answers my call, it started doing this today. I have only had this droind for 2 days, anyone out there with some advice? Not really happy so far with my choice of purchasing the droind right now. this is the 3rd phone in a week. First one the touch screen key pad wasn't working so they sent me a second one, first time I slid open the keyboard on this phone it tore of the delete button and space bar button, so went to verizon store and they replaced it with the one I have now and I can't make any calls on it. it says it's dialing but nobody can hear me and I can't hear them. 300 bucks for a phone that I haven't been able to use for more than one day w/o issues. rethinking my phone choice now :mad::mad:
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