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    While typing on my phone this morning, the haptic feedback stopped working. It was just about the time I updated an app I have installed (ColorNote) so the first thing I thought was that it was an issue with the update. I uninstalled the app, restarted my phone a few times and did a couple of battery pulls. Nothing seems to work. I have actually unistalled the application I installed (a radio app) over the weekend thinking it was a delayed response from it. Still nothing.

    I have gone over the settings to make sure it wasn't something simple. I looked at the keyboard settings and confirmed that Vibrate is still on so that's not the issue. And after looking at the settings under Sound and confirming that they are checked correctly, I realized that the issue is not limited to just the keyboard. I tried the camera button and moving a widget from the Home screen, for both of which haptic feedback.normally kicks in, and neither works.

    In an old post someone recommended a safe mode reboot to check if any third party app was to blame. I tried it and it did not work either. I am fresh out of ideas. Can anyone provide any recommendations other than factory reset? As always, I want to make that my last resort.

    Thank you.

    Note: I am unrooted with the latest official update
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