No Email sync with POP3 Outlook Express

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by AkronM, Jan 23, 2015.

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    Droid Mini 4.4.4 stock email app
    Outlook Express pop3 email on pc
    Viewing / Deleting email on phone does not change msg status in Outlook Express when I pull up email on pc. I can update Inbox on Droid but not all new msgs show uo there. If I delete 25 emails with phone, they all still appear as Unread when I open Outlook Express on pc.
    Am I trying to achieve something impossible or is there a way to sync ALL email actions between Droid 4.4.4 and OE POP3 on pc?
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    POP3 is a pain. I have one email that randomly shows up as a new message on my phone, even though I open it almost every time and hope that it'll mark as read, though it always comes back again. And it's an email with info that I need, so it's not like I can just delete it.

    As for your specific issue, check the settings for that account in the email app and make sure you have "Delete emails" (or whatever it says) set to "Delete from server when I delete on my device" (or something like that). That SHOULD fix the delete issue.

    As for messages not showing up in the inbox, that's a stranger issue. I think it only loads a certain number at a time, but should have the option to Load More at the bottom of the list, so I'm assuming that's not your issue.