no data with bamf gb, mr2.5 radio??

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    ok im running bamf sense 3.0 rc4 and i have the mr2.5 radio installed along with the animated 4g red bars.

    well everything was working fine for the past few days up until last night i lost data service. so i rebooted and it came back well as of this morning i have NO data? no matter what i do its gone. i rebooted hard and fast i even reflashed the mr2.5 radio since its on my sd card and no luck. i still have the bamf rom on my sd card i was thinking of reflashing that? i didnt flash my back up since i figured it would end up back in the same situation im currently in in 3-4 days so should i try the mr2 radio? any help is appreciated please.


    well i was rummaging thru the settings again and found the quick settings in the notifications pull down and found that some how the mobile network some how got turned off?? im a dult sorry to bother everyone but i got it back up.


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