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    [​IMG]Ninjump is a game we have had on the iPhone for a long time. It is a very popular game on the iOS platform, and until recently was not available for Android. The wait is over though, Ninjump is available in the Android market for free. So what is Ninjump all about? Ninjump is simple game of agility. Dodge deadly ninjas with blades and dynamite, ravenous birds and hyper squirrels as you climb up the walls to beat your highest score. Leadership board and social-networking features available for the competitive player.:icon_ banana:


    -Simple single-tap gameplay
    -Killer squirrels
    -More ninjas
    -Beautiful graphics
    -Awesome bonuses
    -Original sound and music
    -Papaya Leaderboards
    -Challenge a friend via email
    -Post scores on Facebook or Twitter

    In Ninjump the objective is to run up the walls while you fight off flying birds, squirrels and deadly ninjas chucking blades and dynamite at you. Skillfully flip past your foes with a tap of your finger or toward them for the kill. The cool thing about this game is that after you destroy three birds, squirrels, etc in a row, you can turn into them and plow your way through your enemies. The higher you climb, the more points you get. Trust me, you’ll find your self playing multiple times to try and beat your highest score.


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    Nice. Thanks for the info!
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