Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo –the anticipated game is here

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    Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo is on the list of the small games I keen to keep for my phone, another game on the list is Angry Bird.
    I used to see my friends playing them on their iPhones and hoped someday I can have them on my Android phone.

    Now there is Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo

    The control of it is just like that on iPhones, but gives out brand new looks and feels.
    It’s more challenging to play and brings more satisfaction.
    But the flaw is, as Android includes types of phones, it may end up with different experience on different phones.
    Another thing is it supports 2.2 system only , hope it can do better after updating.




    Links for downloads:

    Free: Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo

    Paid: Ninja Kaka - Fruit Dojo Pro
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    lol Nice little game!
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