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    I am a huge Nike and Jordan Fanatic and an idea for a bangin theme dawned on me a few weeks ago.. SInce there so many Extremely talented Theme makers here, Am sure someone can get very creative and produce a Very appealing Nike and/or Jordan based theme; A nice wallpaper of the Jordan logo w/a nike swoosh going thru it, either a jumpman or a nike swoosh for a battery icon where the logo fades away as the juice diminishes, Different Jordan classic kicks as some of the icons, Different color Swooshes or jumpman logos as BG when going in /out different menus..etc....Am sure others can chyme in and throw out more ideas for Icon or wallapers..Then again, for "LEGAL/COPYRIGHT REASONS", am not sure how much of this is actually possible. I did have someone build one for me for my Berry S2 and it came out Amazing.. So come on Koo, Liquid..whomever else is out there, Urprise me and make this a reality for me huhdancedroiddancedroid:icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana::icon_ banana:dancedroiddancedroiddancedroiddancedroiddancedroiddancedroiddancedroid
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