NFL Hard Knocks: Houston Texans

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    Despite me not wanting the camera crew following my team around given the track record of the teams who been on hard knocks, I love the show. I can do without the crowbarred family/girlfriend footage, but love the access viewers are provided.

    The ups and downs watching a player's dream being crushed in order to allow another player's dream to succeed is the ultimate "show out or go home" scenario. No matter what you beliefs, your race, whether you are a "good guy" or "bad guy" you earn your way on the team by being better than the other person. There are no handouts, you either make the best of your opportunity provided in front of you or you go home. As far as the team is concerned life goes on because they have to worry about putting the best team on the field that will help them win. If not that coaching staff will find themselves looking for a job.

    If you are like me and have cut the cord, check out Hard Knocks via HBO NOW.
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