Nexus Style Grabs Us In A Circularly New Way

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    If you are familiar with utilizing a home replacement app called a launcher such as Nova, Apex, Holo Launcher, ADW, and possibly others, you will then be able to easily enjoy the Icon Pack-Nexus Circle by D. Saif. This icon pack is reminiscent of stock Android and very much models Nexus devices in style and color. The icon pack allows you to skin all of your icons with the broken circle theme that is in Nexus colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Green. Google colors are similar in that they are Sky Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Depending on your screen preferences such as the brightness levels and your screen resolution; colors may appear differently and appear to be different hues or saturation’s of hues. When you go to apply the icon pack you have the option of editing individual icons. This places the Nexus circle around them individually. You also may choose a Nexus “X” which is great for an app drawer icon as you can see in my screenshots. Themeing all of your icons with Nexus Circle can be done in your launcher’s settings/preferences menu.

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    Why is Atom Launcher never shown any love? Never mentioned in the same context as the others. I've tried them all and it is the best. Period.
    Reminds me of the way Slacker is never mentioned by the media next to Pandora and Spotify.