Nexus returns always reverts to old restore point...

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by malevet, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Been patrolling around for my issue, but haven't seen it yet, forgive me if it is here....

    So I've had the random reboot issue a couple of times, and may have to return the phone anyway, but my question is that when the phone restarts, whether it is on its own or if I power the device off, when it comes back, it reverts back to a restore point from the day I originally got it. Before the first hard restart I experienced, I had downloaded a couple of apps, including Facebook. Well since then, I uninstalled that app, loaded some ringtones from my computer, and had to delete a photo my carrier rep accidentally put on there when she was getting the phone set up. So now when the phone restarts, the music is gone, Facebook app returns, so does the picture. I've tried using the Verizon backup feature to create a new backup, have even done the factory reset feature on the phone. Both times when it comes back, it's like that as well. Am I missing something that's not allowing it to remember things I've done?
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